About Me

Greetings! I am Brian Kuperman. I have been working as a professional designer and creative consultant for over seven years now. Currently I reside in beautiful Los Angeles and during my time here I have worked for a range of companies both large and small. The majority of my clients have been in the entertainment and social media realm, providing me great insight into creating adaptive designs that resonate with the appropriate target audiences.

My goal when I design something is for it to be clean and functional while still maintaining a unique look and feel. I am always attempting to push boundaries and incorporate the latest and greatest technologies and practices into all that I create. If you are interested in working with me please get in touch! Or if you want to get technical then download a copy of my résumé.



Twrrl app design Twrrl app design Twrrl webpage design

Spice Up Your Videos

Twrrl is a video creation which allows you to enhance your videos by layering on overlays and special effects. For Twrrl I was responsible for the user interface and user interaction of the iOS app which was developed for both iPhone and iPad. In addition to the interface I also designed and programmed the marketing homepage for Twrrl and creative directed a team of animators for the content of the app.

Yoostar Social

Yoostar Yoostar Yoostar

Step Into The Action

Yoostar is a multi-platform console game which allows users to record themselves into various movie and television scenes. Within the the console game users have the ability to upload and share their content via Facebook and Twitter. I was tasked with designing the user interface for the Facebook application - Yoostar Social. Along with the design I managed a team of web developers, ensuring that the application was built according to specific guidelines.

Be On Vevo

Be On Vevo Be On Vevo Be On Vevo

An Interactive Music Experience

Be On Vevo was a concept design that I worked on in conjunction with Yoostar with the intent of allowing users to perform alongside their favorite musical artists. Users can record themselves directly a music video and then share their videos with their friends. The goal was to create a karaoke game type of experience while layering on social elements. I was responsible for designing the user interface and user interaction of a desktop application which allowed users to browse content, record videos and share their creations.

Yoostar Marketing Site

Yoostar Yoostar Yoostar Yoostar

Clean, Crisp and Clear

The original Yoostar marketing site was designed in flash and did not include support for additional pages and products. I was tasked with redesigning the site to help create a better infrastructure for future products. My goal was to create a clean and easy to navigate site that included bright pops aimed at our younger demographic. I wanted each product page to have a unique feel that represented the design aesthetic of the product while still maintaining the clean appearance of the redesign.

Florida Football Academy


Put On Your Cleats

Florida Football Academy is a client that approached me needing a website where students could register for classes coaching them in different fields of football. I wanted to create a clean and functional site while still incorporating the grit and texture that comes with football. The sign up form checks to make sure all fields are valid and then sends a confirmation email to the user and the staff coordinator.


Sylico Sylico Sylico

More Ways To Listen

Sylico is a company which is aiming to convert articles from some of your favorite sites into audio recordings for easy listening on the go. For this project I wanted to create a full screen app-like website where the user can easily manage their subscriptions and add or remove content from their queue. Users would be able to navigate around the site and discover new content all without their audio articles being interrupted. Any articles they add to their queue would then be synced to their mobile device for consumption at a later time!

Title Cards

Beauty In Type

For this project I was tasked with creating graphics that would appear as cut scenes in video greeting cards. Each card had a different message and I wanted to infuse all of the title cards with as much character as possible. I love typography and I am constantly analyzing fonts I see places so this project was very fun to work on!


Simple Works The Pulse Common Phase Jaxsur Sylico Graph Effect Lock Box Crossfit Gorilla Rock

What's In A Logo?

Whenever I create a logo I attempt to capture the essence and vibe of the company within the type and accompanying design elements. My belief is that logo's should remain clean and legibile but have a unique feel and character speicific to the company or target demographic. Before I begin logo concepts I gather as much information about the company, their goals and what they are trying to portray. In this way I am able to present my clients with a few different options that I feel capture the essence of the company.


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