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Dragon Racing

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Reinventing racing, with a new formula for the 21st century. Dragon Racing competes in Formula E, the all electric street racing series.


Dragon Racing became one of ten teams competing in the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship after many successful years competing in the North American IndyCar racing series. The accomplishments of the team’s key personnel places Dragon Racing in the enviable position of having one of the most experienced teams in the Formula E Paddock.

The Dragon Racing site was a new design built to promote awareness of the team and highlight their achievements.


Web Design, Art Direction, UI & UX


Penske Media Corporation


The team colors for Dragon Racing are red black. For the site it was important to keep the team colors to better promote brand awareness. I used the red as an accent color to create bolder section titles and make certain areas color blocked for separation.





Russo One
Open Sans


Russo One was used on the site for section titles. The slightly extended shape of the letter form was a natural choice for the racing aesthetic. Open Sans was chosen as the body copy font for it’s readability and clean lines.

The Designs


The majority of content for the site is contained within the homepage with the intent of the page serving to inform the user about Dragon Racing and Formula E. The site is designed with color blocked sections of content that walks the user through introducing them to Formula E and then providing insights into the team, car and race circuit.