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Twrrl is a creative and engaging way to record and share all of life's moments.


Twrrl is a video creation app which allows you to enhance your videos by layering on overlays and special effects. For Twrrl I was responsible for the user interface and user interaction of the iOS app which was developed for both iPhone and iPad. In addition to the interface I also designed and programmed the marketing homepage for Twrrl and creative directed a team of animators for the content of the app.


Web Design, Art Direction, UI & UX


Yoostar Entertainment Group

Color & Texture

For the app I decided to go with a darker color scheme for the UI. Since the app is focused on video creation I wanted to draw the users attention to the video area by receding the UI as much as possible. I chose a bright blue to use as the accent color throughout the app and continued to use this blue for subsequent branding like the app icon. For the marketing site I chose a geometric repeating background to give the site some playfulness.

Sky Blue


Charcoal Grey


Geometric Pattern




For the typography of the app I decided to use Eurostile. The legibility of the font at small sizes weighed heavily when fonts were being considered. I felt that Eurostile striked the perfect balance between legibility while giving the app a modern feel.

Original Character Design

The Designs

Marketing Landing Page

The marketing landing page served a space to promote the iOS application and inform potential users on what Twrrl can do. In order to visually sell the idea of video overlays I created transparent PNG’s of some of the overlays we had within the app and used some custom javascript to show the overlays taking over the screen.

App Desgin