Working with local educators to improve curriculum so that students can be college and career ready. 

We worked with SchoolKit to create a brand identity and marketing website for the company. Strategic use of color, design elements and layout helped to define the brand and provide users with a clear understanding of what SchoolKit does.




Visual Design, UX, Branding, Development

Creating a Brand Identity

When the team at SchoolKit first approached us one of the things that stood out to us immediately was the lack of f a strong brand identity. For their website we wanted to make sure that visual story we were telling was distinctively theirs and consistent throughout the site. We chose a rich cobalt blue as their primary color and applied it to the hero images on each page as well as the custom illustrations throughout the site.

Bitesized Bits of Information

The purpose of the SchoolKit website is to educate users on what they do and the services offer. We helped the SchoolKit team distill down their ideas into key pieces of information that easily conveys who they are and how they will help your school.

“Rekupe helped us strike the right balance of expressing our work to the world clearly while also creating a sense of welcome and interest on the site. Their creative sensibilities and intuitive design sense allowed him to understand what we were looking for in our new website and help us to modernize our look and feel.​”
Ethan Mitnick
CEO of SchoolKit

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

One of the most powerful things you to do prove your companies is to show how much of an impact you have made. With SchoolKit we gathered the numbers and displayed them in a bold graphic way to highlight their accomplishments. 

Connecting Users Quickly

Being able to get in touch easily and effortlessly is important for converting users. We included a contact form at the bottom of the homepage and created a dedicated contact page with CTA’s directing to it throughout the site.

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