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Spy is a leading buyer’s guide for Millennials with discerning tastes in must-have gadgets, gear, style, media, and experiences.

We designed their website with functionality to generate sales, increase customer loyalty and improve brand recognition.




Visual Design, UX, Branding, Development

Converting Users Every Step of the Way

Spy’s business model works off of affiliate marketing. Every time that a user buys a product from their site they make a percentage of the sale. We wanted to capitalize on this by reducing the number of clicks it takes to make a purchase. The homepage is organized into different sections of products which allows users to browse the content they are interested in easily. If the Spy editorial team is recommended a single product in one of their posts then the post on the homepage includes a “buy it” button, which allows users to jump right to the point of purchase for a product.

Easy to Use Product Embeds

We created a shortcode for the editorial team which allows them to easily add in products to their posts. Wherever the shortcode is included the required code to display a picture of the product along with the name, price and a “buy it” CTA button is automatically generated. This lead to an increase in sales and improved recognition of recommended products.

Quick Access to Your Style Choices

A large portion of the recommended products that Spy writes about falls into the “style” category. We added a large callout on the homepage which allows users to quickly jump to a style page which has curated by men or women’s clothing and accessories. 

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