A global media platform connecting a community that embraces worth beyond wealth.

Worth is a brand whose target audience is high income individuals who are looking to spend their money on worthwhile pursuits. When we met with them their original website was not a good reflection of their brand. We redesigned and reorganized the site giving it a more luxurious feel and more natural user flow.




Visual Design, UX

Quality Over Quantity

When we met with the the Worth team we discovered they are focused on creating a small number of quality posts each week over pumping out articles daily. The release schedule for their articles was a key point in deciding how to best layout the homepage. To keep the site feeling fresh we designed the top half of the homepage with large visual treatments for five stories curated by the editors. As the user moves down the page they are presented with opportunities to subscribe to newsletters and see the wide range of content that Worth creates.

Data Supporting Design Decisions

We took a deep dive into the site analytics before working on the site designs. In our discovery process we learned that some of the highest trafficked pages on the site are around the city guide’s. Making design decisions purely off of gut feelings alone is not enough to ensure a site’s success. The data here was very clearly informing us that users were interested in this content so we blew up this section on the homepage and provided a unique visual treatment to each guide that appears in this section. 

Creating a Community

The Worth team stressed the importance of the site being a space for people to find their community. We took this feedback and designed a layout for community pages which quickly allows users to discover articles, events and sign up to newsletters around the communities they are interested in. Each community page is designed to allow the editors to select a unique color scheme which is echoed throughout the design of the page. The color schemes provide a simple yet effective means for giving each community page a visually distinct look and feel.

Promoting Events

A large business driver for Worth is the high quality events which they host. The previous version of their site was unsuccessful in promoting events and converting users to sign up and attend the events. It was important for us to facilitate the growth of Worth events and provide as many opportunities to promote events and convert users. Throughout the site we incorporated spots to promote events and drive people to the completely redesign event landing page. For the event landing page we restructured the layout of the page to provide users with a clear journey down the page, informing them about the event details, speakers, agenda and allowing them to sign up.

Keeping Users on the Site

Since bounce rates typically tend to be high on article pages we wanted to create as many opportunities to drive users to other pages on the site. At the top of the page we promote the most recent event, driving users to learn more and sign up to events. As users go down the page we inject a related article at a key point where users attentions start to waiver. About half way down the page we feature a most popular module which follows the user down the page, creating more opportunities for the user to jump to another article rather than off of the site. 

Next Project

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